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25 for 25: Health Equity & Justice


Purpose: A campaign designed to educate and inform with a focus on cancer health disparities. The campaign will showcase how Massey is working to understand and address cancer health disparities, such as higher cancer death rates in African American populations. It will encourage people to educate themselves with the facts,  present opportunities for engagement within the community, and seek donations to support these efforts.



Give $25 to fund health equity advancements by 2025. For the past 25 years, cancer mortality rates for African Americans compared to Caucasians have been declining, but the current rate of 14% higher mortality is unacceptable. Massey Cancer Center has been and will continue to be a leader in addressing cancer health disparities.  We ask everyone to join us and be a catalyst for advancements in cancer health equity by 2025. A fundraising page will be linked with our fundraising goal. Each day a new fact on cancer health disparities will be presented along with resources to further educate.
Why does this matter?

Cancer affects all communities, but racial disparities in cancer outcomes should not exist.  As a safety net hospital that treats all patients, regardless of their ability to pay and insurance status, Massey is uniquely positioned to address cancer health disparities by treating a broad range of patients from various socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.  Massey Cancer Center seeks to create healthier communities and ultimately save more lives.

We will be posting one fact per day - October 1-25 - on our
Team Massey Facebook page - Like our page and Check them out!

  • Encourage your community of friends and colleagues to join you by giving $25 to support and fund health equity advancements by 2025.
  • Share the 25 daily facts from your own social media pages and encourage your friends to help be a part of the solution!
  • Register for the event to receive daily facts, invitations to webinars, and other educational information on cancer health disparities.
  • Volunteer in a community with the Health Disparities team - click here to get involved!