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Fundraising Policy

  • Community Partners and VCU Massey Cancer Center must abide by the Internal Revenue Service regulations governing charitable activities (IRS Publications 526 and 1771).  Funds received for raffles, drawings, auctions, and gambling are not considered tax-deductible gifts.
  • Any use of VCU Massey Cancer Center’s name and/or logo must have approval from VCU Massey Cancer Center and comply with VCU Massey Cancer Center’s brand standards. VCU Massey Cancer Center should be listed as the beneficiary of the event.  More on brand standards can be found here.
  • Any request for Massey staff, volunteer support or communicated to Massey's development team via email at  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  Unfortunately, VCU Massey Cancer Center cannot guarantee staff, volunteers, speakers or patient ambassador representation at a fundraiser. 
  • We will include your fundraiser as appropriate on our community calendar.   If details should change, please notify your development office contact. If your event is canceled, please return any promotional materials provided to you. 
  • Upon request, we are able to offer you a letter of endorsement acknowledging our awareness of your fundraising on behalf of VCU Massey Cancer Center.  VCU Massey Cancer Center cannot provide tax-exempt status, a tax identification number or tax receipt for any gifts not made directly to VCU Massey Cancer Center. 
  • Funds raised should be received within 60 days of the completion of your event to comply with VCU processing policies. Checks received that are more than 90 days old are unable to be processed and will be returned to you or directly to the donor. 

VCU Massey Cancer Center is unable to:

  • Provide tax exemption status
  • Provide insurance or liability coverage
  • Hold an ABC license for your event
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses incurred
  • Provide a mailing list of donors, patients, sponsors or vendors
  • Assist in the collection of donations/registrations for an event
Please note that VCU Massey Cancer Center reserves the right to gratefully acknowledge, but return donations if the means of obtaining the contribution is unlawful.
For questions and more information, please contact VCU Massey Cancer Center Development Office.
Phone: (804) 828-1450  
Fax: (804) 827-0452
Massey Branding for Community Partner Events
Thank you for joining us in proudly sharing the VCU Massey Cancer Center name.  We recognize your desire to align with and support Massey as your agreement of the value our name carries as a reputable, upstanding, distinguished cancer research center and charitable organization.  As our partner, we request your respect of the brand attached to our institution and your assistance in maintaining the high standard it represents.
Along with your agreement to obtain approval from the Massey Cancer Center Office of Development for any use of the Massey logos, we request your respect of our brand and its reputation when making decisions about your event and the image it might convey.  Specific considerations include, but are not limited to, avoiding the following:
  • Profanity or foul language
  • Overt sexual language
  • Discriminatory language of any kind
  • Hateful or offensive language or imagery
  • Strong sexual innuendo or imagery
  • Violent imagery or language
  • Encouragement of unhealthy behavior
VCU Massey Cancer Center will not promote events or communications that include such language or images, nor will they be approved to use the Massey Cancer Center logo.
Community partners who receive approval to use the Massey logo must agree to follow the identity guidelines outlined above.  VCU Massey Cancer Center reserves the right to deny use of the Massey name and logo for any reason.  More on brand standards can be found here.

VCU's privacy policy can be found here.