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2024 Massey Challenge Fundraiser

Elizabeth Chang

Elizabeth Chang

By participating in the Massey Challenge, I will be running in the 25th annual Ukrop's Monument 10K (my first!) on Saturday, April 20th to fundraise for VCU Massey Cancer Center.

Based in my hometown Richmond, Virginia, Massey Cancer Center is a non-profit organization that works to treat cancer patients (like my dad). Donations to the Massey Challenge help to fund their cancer research for a cure.

Not only does the Massey Cancer Center play an important role in my family's life today, but also I like to think that this spring event will serve as a timely celebration and remembrance of my mother.

Many of us, our family, or our friends have unfortunately been affected by cancer - and, the Massey Challenge is an opportunity to fight back by donating to cancer research for a cure!

You can support by:
- Donating to cancer research for a cure, and/or
- Adding a song to our team's race day playlist: rb.gy/omc8fb

Thank you for your support in general, of me and my family, and towards my fundraising goal. Let's work together to put cancer on the run!


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