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Paving the Road to Philly Pink

Cory Fines

Cory Fines

Hello y'all! If you know me you know I 1. Do cancer research 2. Love to do crazy things in the athletic realm. So I am combining the two. In October I will be attending an AAPS conference to present some of our lab's research. My lab and I had the crazy idea of biking there.. aka to Philly! So we are doing it and raising money for breast cancer research in the process. This work means a lot to me and affects 1 of every 8 women and 1 of 1000 men. Please support this crazy mission.

First day over! We had some hiccups but we made it. Thank you all for the donations! $3915 right now...absolutely crazy! Love this and this will help me keep going when it gets hard. Thank you all. Much love.


We made it to $2500! So happy. Thank you so much for your support.


So happy to see us at $900!!! I may have to bump up the goal here soon! I would really love to see $10 per mile I ride so ~$3200. Keep it up y'all!


So happy to already be $550 in! Thank you all for your support. I have not been on Instagram in 1.5 years but I will download the app again and seen more updates on training and during the 3 day ride I will give updates on there! So stayed tuned and follow along!


Enjoying Virginia's beauty the best ways I know of.


raised of $3,200 goal

Recent Donations

1. CFCindy Fines
2. PSPrabhakar R Sooda
You are inspiration to many
3. BCBenjamin Cassillo
Proud of what you are and will continue to do, Cory! Way to use your gifts and talents to GLORIFY the Lord.
4. MFMark Fines
Matching donations of my fellow Kirby Cup Championship team members. ❤️ Cory and I thank you.
5. TCTim Campbell
6. MCMary Beth Crutchfield
Proud of you Cory!