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Tara Daudani

Tara Daudani

Did you know one in five cancers is preventable with an active, healthy lifestyle? VCU Massey Cancer Center is working to save lives and find cures for cancer right here in Virginia and promote an active, healthy lifestyle for our community.

To support the cause, I am organizing the Play it Forward Ladies Tennis Tournament on October 16th to raise funds and awareness for women's cancer research at Massey. If you can't play, please consider making a donation towards this cause on my page!

I am happy to say that I'm now a FORMER breast cancer patient! With active treatment behind me, I'm now focused on making sure my daughters, sisters and friends can avoid going through what I faced. Cancer research being done here at Massey and across the country can make that happen and every donation to this event goes right to Massey's cancer research initiatives.

I hope you’ll help me make a future without cancer possible! Best - Tara


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