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John Says DFQ

Jill Mccormack

Jill McCormack

I never thought two years ago that we would lose the absolute bigger than life John. He was kicking cancer’s butt with his DFQ attitude. His medical team didn’t quite know what to do with this 6’6” force to be reckoned with. Everything was going as planned, but one small complication took him away before he could finish the battle.

Now, it’s my turn to pickup where he left off. Please join me and my son in helping VCU Massey Cancer Center find ways to help others in their DFQ journey.

I am being bold, and I am dreaming big! I have accepted the Massey Challenge because I want to see a world without cancer.

I have accepted the Massey Challenge to fundraise and to make my miles matter at the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k.

By fundraising for Massey, my 10k will have special meaning and honor those I love who are battling – or have battled cancer.

Will you make a donation towards my fundraising goal or join my team? Let's work together to put cancer on the run!

Best - Jill


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