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Tony Ponsiglione

Tony Ponsiglione

Last year I entered The Monument Ave 10K here in Richmond... as a 55 year old, it was my first ever 10K Run, and I signed up with 30 - 40 of my colleagues at The United Network for Organ Sharing. While our staff had identified a few fundraising options, I had selected The Massey Cancer Center at The VCU/Medical College of Virginia as the beneficiary of my fund raising efforts.

I chose Massey in honor of friends and loved ones that had battled cancer over the years including my beloved maternal grandfather, and an aunt (my dad’s sister) that died of cancer before I ever met her.

Little did I know at that time that more of my family and friends would start that battle during 2019.

Last year I finished in 53 minutes and placed 89th in “The Old Guy” division.

This year I’m running again and asking you to consider making a contribution to my fundraising team. I have set a goal of raising $500 and a goal to reduce my finish time by 10%. If you make a contribution to my goal and I fail to reduce my time by 10%, then I will match your contribution... effectively doubling your donation!

What do you say? Wanna bet against the old guy?




raised of $500 goal

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1. Christian T Walter
Run Tony Run!
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Go win one for the old guys, TP!
5. Anonymous
To Jesus be the glory!
6. Kevin Bostick
Think of the world not as it is, but as it should be.... do it Tony! I think you can crush your time!
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