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Maite' DANE'

Maite' DANE'

I am dreaming big! I have accepted the Massey Challenge because I want to see a world without cancer.
In my previous career as an R.N at M.C.V, when *on call*, I provided nursing coverage and support to several nursing units. The Oncology nursing unit was one of them.
My sister Monique Vanstone died October 10, 201, in England. I was fortunate to be with Monique during the last few months of her life.
I witnessed the physical and spiritual damage cancer inflicted on my sister Monique's body and soul. Monique was grieving the loss of her husband of 47 years, Fred Vanstone. She had nursed and cared for him until cancer took him, May 31, 2019. This is personal.
Many other people, family, friends like Clara Midgett from Hays, VA, were some of the very first people I knew who died of cancer.
As a young R.N. in Pediatrics at M.C.V, I was often confronted with death. I remember 9 years old Jesse in particular. He was suffering from cancer.
One particular night, very late, sadly, Jesse asked to see his parents who lived in the country far away. He knew his time was near. He passed that very morning.
I also remember having lunch with my granddaughter when she was in 1st grade.Her friend Reese felt ill. In the following days we discovered she had brain cancer.
My best friends are now gone: Judy Ames, Patricia Bonham Sledge.
Family members: Helena Beliveau Lemieux, Danielle Caltiau, and many more.
Each one of us knows, has witnessed losing a loved one to cancer.

VCU Massey Cancer Center is working to save lives and find cures right here in Virginia, every day.
Massey is the only NCI-designated center in the Richmond region and one of just two in Virginia that helps lead and shape America's cancer research efforts. Of the 1,500 cancer centers in the U.S., only 71 have earned an NCI designation, placing Massey in the top 4 percent nationwide.

To support their life-saving cancer research, I have accepted the Massey Challenge.
To make my miles matter, I will walk the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k. on March 28.
Please join me and make a commitment to join me and my team in honor of someone you lost.
You may contribute by donating to the link below .
You may join me in walking or running the 10K.
You may encourage those around you to contribute and share do the same and share the link below:


Let's work together to put cancer on the run!

PS: If you prefer to use some other form of payment, please contact me.
Also please, find out if you or a significant other employer's matches funds.

I am grateful for your support !

Maite' Dane' aka MightyMouz


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