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Kim Chiarchiaro

Kim Chiarchiaro

I am being bold, and I am dreaming big! I have accepted the Massey Challenge because I want to see a world without cancer.

Last Spring I was at a dinner party of six women. We were friends catching up on each other’s lives. When my turn came to catch everyone up I explained my involvement with Massey Cancer Center and what cancer research means to me. I began to hawk statistics about Massey and then about cancer in general. As I looked around the table I saw five strong, vibrant, amazing women and with myself included I realized we were a statistic. Three of six of us had been diagnosed with - thyroid, colon, breast - cancer and fought it. Six of six of us have close friends and family who have seen cancer affect their lives. This year I run for them – W, A, D – and for all the other women who are part of the statistics.

That’s my story…What’s yours….

Make a donation towards my fundraising goal or join my team! Let's work together to put cancer on the run!


Look at all the amazing people that are Supporting me, supporting Massey this year! My team already has raised more than last year and we still have 2 weeks to go.


My team is more than half way to our goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated. xoxox


Massey Monday at Don't Look Back Triple - 3306 West Broad Street, Monday, March 18 - ALL DAY


raised of $1,000 goal

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Sending you strength and well wishes before your big race. Keep on keeping on!
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