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Katie Winn

Katie Winn

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma in 2017. My plastic surgeon, oncologist, surgical oncologist and dermatologist are all with VCU Health / VCU Massey Cancer Center. I was diagnosed February 3, 2017. The plastic surgeon that my sister works with at VCU Health performed the original biopsy. It came back as melanoma.

While I was going thru all of this my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She also had all of her surgeries and treatments thru VCU Health / VCU Massey Cancer Center. Everyone I have encountered in the office and hospital setting has been phenomenal. I am proud to be raising money for Massey who has helped me and my family thru some tough times. I will be proudly running the 10k with my Massey shirt on.

Will you make a donation towards my fundraising goal? Let's work together to put cancer on the run!

Best - Katie


raised of $2,300 goal

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