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Julie & Jack Dillon

Julie & Jack Dillon

From Jack:
Cancer research at Massey is important to me because cancer is a terrible thing. My mom had cancer when I was just a baby,and she is now 15 years cancer free. I can't imagine what my life would be like if Massey hadn't done there part to saves my mom's life. I want to raise money for cancer research so others don't have to go through what it's like to have a friend or family member suffering from cancer.

From Julie:
Fifteen years ago, cancer changed my life and Jack's life forever. I was only 29, he was only 11 months old when we learned a large tumor in my chest cavity had shut down half of my lungs. The story is long and complicated, but highlights always come down to: 1) an amazing surgeon and brilliant radiation oncologist at Massey saved my life 2) I received cutting-edge, research-based care that was only available at that time at a handful of places 3) if people hadn't been raising and giving much needed philanthropic funds to cancer research for years that treatment would not have been available to me 4) with the gift of effective treatment and 15 years of health, I have the luxury of saying that the residual gifts of cancer in the form of friends, connections with others, perspective and a rewarding career far outweigh the devastation of the experience at the time. For that reason, I will never, ever stop giving back and trying to repay the gift of life.

Sadly, so many others I have known and loved have had beautiful lives cut way too short at the hands of this disease. Every year I lose someone special and that never stops hurting. This year, I honor the lives of Kaity Kasper and Bromby Earle, two women who fought so, so hard and taught me so much about how I want to live.

Jack and I are determined to raise $5,000 this year as a way to celebrate my 15 years of health and do our part to make sure the ways we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer continue to get better and better. We believe in Massey Cancer Center, and we are eternally grateful for the people who devote their lives to creating a world without cancer.

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2. KDKelly Durham
So glad you had a successful race day in honor of Kaity. We are proud to support you & Jack in your fundraising efforts.
3. SBSuzanne Beers
Great job my friend!!
4. TMTina McRae
Awesome job :)
5. CHConstance Hom
You go girl
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Julie and Jack, Thank you for sharing your special gifts of love, caring and determination for others. ♥️ Karen and Percell

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