Celebrating 15 years of health and honoring too many lives lost.



Not a day goes by that Jack and I aren't incredibly grateful that Massey was there when I needed innovative, determined, compassionate, cutting edge care after I was diagnosed with a liposarcoma in my chest at age 29. We will never stop giving back. Five years ago we celebrated my 10 years cancer-free by raising almost $10,000 -- we think we can do it again!

Sadly, cancer has also taken people we love and we want that to stop happening. If you can relate -- to the gratitude, the anger or both -- we invite you to join us in raising funds and celebrating our health by taking on 6.2 miles at the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k.

Every day I get to see how every single dollar makes a difference in this massive fight against cancer. We raise money and run for those who can't.

Thank you for supporting us!


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1. MMMarkel Matching Gifts
2. KDKelly Durham
So glad you had a successful race day in honor of Kaity. We are proud to support you & Jack in your fundraising efforts.
3. SBSuzanne Beers
Great job my friend!!
4. TMTina McRae
Awesome job :)
5. CHConstance Hom
You go girl
6. AWAbigail Withrow
So blessed to get to work with you through Massey- celebrating you and everyone in the Development Office!!