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Markel 4 Massey makes a difference!



Every one of us has potential to be a champion in the fight against cancer. As part of the Massey Challenge, we are a powerful part of finding cure for cancer. Will you join us in this important mission? Our power lies in numbers!

One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The odds are that someone we know is battling cancer right now. VCU Massey Cancer Center is fighting to save lives and find a cure right here in Virginia. While progress is being made every day – we need your help.

When you make a donation towards our team goal, you join our fight to support cancer research, honor those who have battled cancer, and unite the community to defeat cancer…for good. And, the best part is thanks to Massey’s corporate partners – 100 percent of every dollar you donate goes directly to support Massey’s research mission.

Want to join the movement? Contact Kelly Durham ( to start your own fundraising page in support of the “Markel 4 Massey” team. You can also make a general donation now on this page, or support your favorite Markel co-worker with a donation on their page. Together, we can put cancer on the run!



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