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Just for Jeannie ... LET'S DO IT AGAIN!

Kelly Durham

Tucker, Patrick and I are running and fundraising again!

As you know, in August 2010 we lost Troy’s dad, Ronnie “Root” Durham, to melanoma. Anyone who knew “Root” appreciated his spirit for life. He had a genuine heart of gold and loved to help others … It’s been seven years since losing him. Sadly, we also lost my Aunt Jeannie (Mom’s sister) in July 2016 to leukemia. She was so brave during her 6 months of treatment and had an amazing attitude about her fight against cancer. Every time we spoke to her through email, phone or Skype she would tell us not to worry and say, “One day I may no longer be able to do this … TODAY is not that day.” Sadly, “today” eventually came.

We dedicated last year’s fundraising “Just for Jeannie” and she was inspired and humbled that our friends and family generously gave over $20,000 to Massey Cancer Center in her honor. So, we are calling on you all in 2017.


We are getting ready to run the Monument Avenue 10K in April and again dedicating our fundraising for Massey Cancer Center to Jeannie’s bravery. We have also committed to raise $20,000 … Just for Jeannie. We know she would be proud of us and with your generous support and 100% of all donations going to cancer treatment research we believe we can make a difference.

We believe in a cure. We believe you do too.


raised of $20,000 goal

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1. RCRobyn Chappell
Donation for Gail Sullivan in honor of her sister.
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Congrats on another awesome effort. Great to see such dedication!
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