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Help Put Cancer on the Run!

Sid Caravati

Over the past four years I have participated in the St. ChristoCURES Team to raise money for the VCU Massey Center in its efforts to find a cure for cancer through the Massey Movement and the Massey 10k. Our team, made up of Saint Christopher's students led by Jack Essex and me and teachers led by Ms. Asha Bandal and Dr. Kim Hudson, has currently raised more money than any other team participating in the 10k on April 1st! I recently had the opportunity to speak with a member of the Massey family and was able to learn about the ground-breaking early detection technology being developed at Massey. Not only will further donations help the Massey Cancer Center in its innovations for the future, they will help the Center's efforts in treating those with cancer.


Sid Caravati '17


raised of $5,000 goal

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Good going , Sid! You are the best.
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