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One Step at a Time

Patrick Reeder

Patrick Reeder

There are so many diseases and causes and problems - that it can become overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that we can become paralyzed into inaction. But if we try, we can impact our community - one step at a time.

I run - not because I enjoy running, but because I enjoy ice cream. I’ve run a number of races and have never participated in any charity event tied to the races. But this morning, while I was out on a long (for me) run, I ran past the VCU Massey Cancer Center here in Richmond and reflected on the pain and loss that my family and friends have felt - due to cancer. And it felt overwhelming. So I decided that I am going to run this race as a fundraiser - my personal ‘one step at a time.’

I’m sharing this with family and friends - asking you to partner with me. Will you help?

According to the VCU Massey Cancer Center, one in five cancers is preventable with an active, healthy lifestyle. VCU Massey Cancer Center is working to save lives and find cures for cancer right here in Virginia and promote an active, healthy lifestyle for our community.

To support the cause, I - along with 30,000 of my closest friends - am participating in the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k to raise funds for Massey. My 10k will will be my ‘one step at a time’ as a way to honor those I love who are battling – or have battled cancer.

Your donation - of ANY amount - supports cancer research, honors those who have battled cancer and unite our community towards a cure.

Best - Pat


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We'll be rooting for you!
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Good luck on the race. A great cause!!
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