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Contribute to Sara's #TeamMassey Fundraiser!

Sara Woznicki

Sara Woznicki

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you to those who have donated! It means the world to me personally, but also to those who you are helping.

Here are some reasons to donate:
- You probably know someone who has been personally affected by cancer. Do it in honor of them!
- We've come a long way in treating cancer, but there's still more to do. With research, we could ERADICATE cancer.
- Massey Cancer Center is a safety net hospital, meaning they focus on helping those who are under-served.
- Massey Cancer Center is also in the TOP 4 PERCENT of cancer center's in the country, so you know your donation is in good hands.
- We're based in Richmond, but directly treat throughout Virginia. But the research we do helps to save lives across the country!
- No donation is too small! Seriously, if you can't afford it, skip Starbucks one day and donate $5 to cancer research.

Will your dollar be the one that cures cancer?

Love, Sara

PS- Let's fight cancer together. You too can join my fundraising team! Nothing is better than being part of #TeamSaraWoznicki (you can do so by clicking through to my team page that I created).



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