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Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

I got involved with the Massey Alliance to do everything I can to prevent families from dealing with the pain and unknown of dealing with this terrible disease. Losing my cousin to melanoma in 1998 started my involvement with organizations like the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen foundation. Since, more of my family has been diagnosed with differing forms of cancer.

Did you know one in five cancers is preventable with an active, healthy lifestyle? VCU Massey Cancer Center is working to save lives and find cures for cancer right here in Virginia and promote an active, healthy lifestyle for our community.

When you make a donation towards my fundraising goal, you join our team effort to support cancer research, honor those who have battled cancer and unite our community towards a cure. Will your dollar be the one that cures cancer? I hope you’ll help me put cancer on the run!

We are in this together!



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