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Elizabeth Minter

Elizabeth Minter

As many of you know, the last two years have been of a whirlwind for my family and me. On Thursday, September 17th, 2015 my mother lost complete vision in her left eye and after many tests, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer called ocular melanoma. She had radiation treatment in her eye in October of 2015 and unfortunately, shortly after the radiation treatment the cancer metastasized to her liver. She has been fighting every since by having liver-directed treatments in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Starting in October 2017, she will travel to New York City to begin a Phase I clinical trial.

To support the cause to continue to find a cure for cancer, I am participating in the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k presented by MARTIN’S to raise funds and awareness for Massey. My 10k will have special meaning as a way to honor my mom and all those I love who are battling – or who have battled cancer.

When you make a donation towards my fundraising goal, you join our team effort to support cancer research, honor those who have battled cancer, and unite our community towards a cure.

Best - Elizabeth


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