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Conor Ashby

Conor Ashby

On December 6th, 2020, I will celebrate my father's 75th birthday! The fact that I have not been able to celebrate 25 birthdays with my father still shocks me today. He lost his battle with lung cancer at age 50, and my world has never been the same. Not solely because I have not had him in my life, but because that was the first time I was introduced to a disease that continues to affect my family today.

I have watched my mother and cousin battle and beat breast cancer, I lost my aunt to lung cancer three years ago, and I continue to receive updates on how another family member's fight is going. No matter how many times you hear the news, you never become numb to the fear that comes along with the diagnosis.

However, we have come so far with our battle against cancer, and Massey Cancer Center continues to provide hope to those that wouldn't have had it decades ago. With your help, I will continue to do my part to fight this disease, and honor each family member that cancer has affected.

I am proud to be a member of the Massey Alliance and look forward to the day where no one's family has to endure the pain so many have!


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