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Rachel Calvert

Rachel Calvert

I’ve heard the word “cancer” since I was little, mostly because my mom is an oncology RN. That word took on a different meaning on February 21, 2018 when I received the news that my Dad had been diagnosed with cancer, and when we lost him seven months later. He was only 55 years old.

I know I am one of many that is missing a loved one due to cancer, which is why I decided to serve as a board member of the Massey Alliance, an organization that propels awareness and raises funds for life-saving cancer research at VCU Massey Cancer Center. My hope is that I can help make even the slightest difference in the fight against cancer so that one day others might not have to endure the pain of losing someone they love.

When you make a donation towards my fundraising goal, you join our team effort to support cancer research, honor those who have battled cancer and unite our community towards a cure!


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Keep up the great work Rach! Love you!
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