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Conor Ashby

Conor Ashby

I was eleven years old when lung cancer took my father from my family and me at the age of just fifty. Almost twenty-two years later I still remember the day he started complaining about the “pinched nerve” in his shoulder, and I definitely remember the day I found out the diagnosis was much more painful and horrifying than that. I still remember the dark cold nights at the hospital watching the nurses dart in and out of his room making sure the bags of morphine and whatever else was on the menu were still full. I remember the day he was sent home, unbeknownst to me at age eleven, to spend his last moments here on Earth with his wife and three sons.

For months I watched as the hospice nurses, along with my strong, devoted mother, did the best they could to keep him comfortable as he physically wasted away to only a shell of himself. As far as spiritually, his light-hearted spirit was there until the bitter end. I will never forget the Sunday Reverend Sydnor brought communion to our house for my father. Before he left he asked my father how he was feeling. After sitting patiently through a few colorful descriptions of what my dad was going through, he asked him “is there anything else I can get for you?” to which my dad quickly responded, “Yeah Charles, I’ll take some sun, sand, a beach chair and a Miller Lite please.” The treatments and medicine had chipped away at his mind and made him a bit loopy, but that was definitely still my dad in there.

I am very thankful to have had the very little time I had with my father, and more thankful that, years later, my amazing mother battled and beat breast cancer while managing to keep three boys straight and taken care of. She is an amazing woman, as is my cousin who also beat breast cancer, and as was my aunt who lost her battle to lung cancer in 2017.

So why do I feel honored to be a member of the Massey Alliance board? Because this disease has been a recurring theme in my life through all stages of my life, and I am no doctor, but if I can help this group of my peers continue to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars it has raised so far to help fund valuable research at the Massey Cancer Center, then I am moving steps closer to my hope that no one ever has to go through what my family, as well as many other Massey Alliance members and volunteers, have had to go through.

I am Conor Ashby and I am a proud member of the Massey Alliance.


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