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Christi Hancock

Christi Hancock

In Christian's memory, I am trying to raise funds for VCU Massey Cancer Center by running the Monument Ave 10k. April 1st marks one year since Christian passed away, and it is the day of the race. I would like to honor him and his life and strength.

Massey doctors and nurses fought hard for Christian, and hopefully fundraising will help them continue the fight.

Whether or not you can donate, please think of Christian often!
Thank you so much! -Christi


raised of $1,200 goal

Recent Donations

1. TTodd and Veronica Hancock
2. TThe Flournoys
Run like the wind, Christi! What an amazing way to honor Christian.
3. SRSara Regan
4. LBLori Booker
In honor of Christian, sent with love & prayer... Love, The Booker Family
5. KCKatie Crawford
6. abAmelia Berry